Fantasy Name Generator

Our fantasy name generator will find random names for all types of fantasy characters. More fantasy name generators are added on a regular basis, so you will always find what you are looking for.

Fantasy Names generator

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Why use a Fantasy Name Generator?

Our Fantasy Name Generator will take the pain out of finding names for fantasy characters. It leaves you, the creator, with more time to do other important things... like create storylines, scenes,books, etc.

We put a lot of effort into making sure our name generators give you believable fantasy names for any possible character. We hope you find the perfect name ideas!

Do you have fantasy name generators for humans?

Yes! we absolutely do, we have male and female names, last names, middle names. We also have fantasy humans names like wizard names, magician names, football player nammes and more.

Do you have fantasy name generators for places?

Yup again. We have galaxy names, business names, food truck names, kingdom names, city names and more. We have everything you need to create a perfect fantasy world.

If you have any suggestions for fantasy name generators please let us know! contact us