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Easter Bunny Name Generator

When is Easter 2023?

Easter 2023 is on Sunday April 9, 2023.

A little more about the Easter Bunny

If you want to have some fun this Easter, then our Easter Bunny name generator is for you! Here you can find potentially thousands of names for your Easter name and you can also use them freely. Our names are completely royalty-free and randomly generated, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. On top of this, our name generator is the best way for you to come up with fun and inventive names without spending hours sitting with a notepad and pen. By using our extensive algorithm for bunny names, we can help to give you as many names as you’d like, until you find the perfect one. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing this for a bit of fun or whether you simply want to give your Easter event a bit of a theme with an Easter bunny costume, because our name generator is free to use, and it always will be. Want to learn more about the Easter bunny, some of the many traditions surrounding Easter and the general history? Take a look below.

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Easter Symbols & Traditions

Easter traditions have evolved quite a lot over time. Some though, have been around for centuries. To Christians, Easter may well be a celebration of the resurrection of Christ. The most prominent symbol of Easter is the Easter bunny, and this was introduced to the US by a group of German immigrants. They brought stories of a hare that laid eggs and the story quickly spread. The idea of decorating eggs goes all the way back to the 13th century, whereas the Easter parade goes back even further. The consumption of candy is a somewhat modern addition, but it remains to be the biggest part of the holiday.

The Easter Bunny

The Bible doesn’t talk about a short-tailed, long-eared furry creature who gives away eggs to good children at Easter. That being said, the Easter bunny is a huge part of the holiday. The exact origins are a mystery, but rabbits are prolific at procreating. They are known for being a symbol of new life and fertility. When the Easter bunny arrived in the US in the 1700s via German Immigrants, they settled in Pennsylvania. The egg-laying rabbit who they referred to was called “Osterhase”. Children used to create nests so that the creature could lay its brightly coloured eggs. The custom spread and the fabled deliveries then expanded to include chocolate and various other types of candy. Decorated baskets soon replaced the nests. It was shortly after this that children started leaving out carrots, so that the bunny would not go hungry with all of the hopping he was doing.

Fun Fact

Fun fact- did you know that the biggest Easter egg in the world was over 25 feet high? It was also over 8,000 pounds in weight. It was created by using chocolate and marshmallow, but it needed an internal steel frame to support the structure.

Easter Eggs

Easter is a religious holiday but at the end of the day, some of the customs can be connected to pagan traditions. The egg is known for being a symbol of life and a lot of pagan festivals celebrate it as it has a connection to spring. Christians often believe that Easter eggs are a way to represent Jesus and the emergence from the tomb. Egg decorating goes back to the 13th century. One explanation for this is because eggs were forbidden throughout the Lenten season. People would instead, decorate them so that they could mark the final day of the fasting period, before eating them on Easter Sunday.

Easter egg hunts and even egg rolling is another popular tradition. In the US, there is the White House egg roll . Children push hard-boiled eggs which have been decorated across the lawn. This is held on the first Monday after Easter. The first official egg roll happened in 1878 and some believe that the event is symbolic. After all, Christians believe that the egg rolling is comparable to the stone which blocked the tomb of Jesus. It was rolled away, revealing his resurrection.

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Easter is the second-largest candy holiday in the US. The first would be Halloween. This dates back to the 19th century. The jelly-bean became largely associated with Easter during the 1930s. Over 16 billion jelly-beans are made for Easter every year in the US. This is enough beans to fill a giant egg, if it measured 89 feet tall and 60 feet in width.

Easter Parades

In NYC, the Easter Parade dates back to the 1800s. The upper level of society would attend events around Fifth Avenue. They would show off their spring hats and outfits. In 1948, the movie Easter Parade was released. It starred Judy Garland and Irving Berlin. The tradition lives on to this day, with Fifth Avenue being shut down during the day. Some also dress up elaborately to pay homage to the tradition. This event might not have any religious significance at all, but various sources do note that processions have been largely a part of Christianity since the early days.


Lamb is a very traditional food at Easter. Christians often refer to Jesus as being the Lamb of God. In the Exodus story, the residents of Egypt suffered from a terrible plague and this resulted in the death of the firstborn sons. Those of Jewish faith painted the front of their home with lamb’s blood. This is so God would choose to Passover their homes. Jews who have since converted to Christianity often follow this tradition to this day. Historically, lamb would also have been the main source of fresh meat, as there would be no other livestock to slaughter.

So the traditions have changed over the years and the history of the Easter holiday is an interesting one to say the least. Even though we might not celebrate all of the same traditions, the Easter bunny is one symbol that has remained the same. We hope you have fun using our Easter bunny name generator.

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