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Undoubtedly, a name can make or break a business. Of course, endless other aspects come into play when it comes down to running a successful business, but its name can help you create the right brand and convey the right message.

Business Name Generator

Selecting the right name can change how your audience will perceive your brand and your business’ position in current and future markets. Because of all these reasons, picking the right business name should be a meticulous process. Find out some useful insights below!

Pick an Easy-To-Spell Name

While you might find a word in your language to be easy to spell and pronounce, this might not be the case for everybody within your audience or among your potential customers. Additionally, remember that many leads might need to Google your business’s name to find more information. So, make sure it is easy to spell and search!

Use the Internet To Search Your Chosen Name

The best way to know whether the name you like is already being used by another company is to conduct a quick Internet search. Because of the increasing number of new startups, eCommerce sites, and physical stores, you might find that your chosen name has already been taken. In this case, you might need to consider adapting it or find another option.

Ensure the .com Domain Name Is Available.

Picking a business name is not only about selecting a word or phrase that sounds good to your ear. You will also need to check that it is suitable for your audience and advertising purposes. One of the most important aspects to consider is whether the .com domain is still available.

Of course, there are other options, such as .co, .org, and country-specific designations. However, a .com domain can make your website more trustworthy and familiar because it can give the impression of a well-established and authoritative business.

Once you have secured your ideal business name and domain, don’t forget to sign up for all the important social media handles, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Make Sure You Are Not Limiting Your Future Opportunities

While you might have a precise business plan to follow, things can change, especially because the audience and consumer demand are in continuous development. Therefore, when picking a name for your business, you should ensure that it won’t limit your options in the future.

For example, calling your business “Leather Shoes of Chicago” might become an obstacle if you decide to diversify your offer or expand into other markets.

Create a Link With Your Brand

Before thinking about a name, be clear on what your offer and unique selling points are. Ideally, your business name should convey a message and communicate what your brand is about.

Of course, some businesses such as Google have become incredibly successful with abstract names. However, having a name that is not linked to your brand will make you work much harder to create a marketing campaign that is streamlined and relevant.

Oppositely, a name that communicates something important about your business can help you develop an identity that you can communicate more easily - even just through your logo!

Conduct a Thorough Trademark Search

Once you have ensured that your name is available, can set you apart from the competition, and conveys exactly the message you wish to communicate, you need to ensure that it is an available business name in your country. For this, you might use services such as the USPTO or Companies House .

These tools are useful to find out whether you can get a trademark and whether businesses are already using the business name you have picked. Even if another small brick-and-mortar store in the country has taken that name, you might have to opt for your option B!

Ask for Feedback

Picking a business for a business is not an easy task - and it is definitely not a one-person job! You can decide to brainstorm alone or with your business partner. However, once you have found a handful of valid options, it is time to get the necessary feedback. You can do so by asking your family members or friends. If there is someone you can trust at your workplace, you might even ask your colleagues.

This part of the process of picking a business name is extremely important because it can offer you interesting insights that you had not thought of.

For example, some of your friends might find the name difficult to pronounce or spell, or someone might point out that it is not conveying the right message. Be prepared to accept constructive criticism and keep working on it!

Check That It Is Suitable in Different Languages

Even if you are planning to bring to life a physical, local store, keep in mind that your audience will come from various backgrounds, nationalities and languages. And, if you are looking to create an online business, your audience can come from anywhere in the world!

Make sure the name you have picked does not have rude or counterproductive meanings in other languages or cultures. A Google search can help you with this!

Go Back to It Later!

A name might sound like the perfect one at the moment, but it might start sounding abstract or not so catchy after you have repeated it in your mind a few times. However, picking the name of a business is not a one-day task, and you should ensure that you have plenty of time to think your choices over before committing to one.

Ideally, you should opt to write down a handful of names and go back to it the day after. Which one does still sound good and is relevant to your business? That might be the one!

Bottom Line: A Name Generator Can Help!

Naturally, your personal preferences do count in the process, but meaning, usability, and availability are extremely important aspects. A name generator can help your creativity along, and it might allow you to create a list of names that are already designed to be brand- and marketing-ready.

Additionally, in an instant, you can check whether there is a domain name available, saving you time and resources to focus on what counts!